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Let's start by 'slicing' into the name! Velvet was Monique's grandmother and Gwen, Monique's mother loved to bake. Her famous Coconut cake was Monique's favorite and the sweet buttery aroma that would fill the house was a bonus!  Monique and her siblings lost their mom to Breast Cancer in 2005. Some years later, armed with her mother's recipe book and fond memories; Monique began perfecting her baking process. Monique now bakes as a way to give her customers a piece of her mom, as a form of healing, and moreover, to spread love! So, with every Velvet Cakes by Gwen masterpiece, she welcomes you into her kitchen. 

Established in 2011 and based in Delaware; Velvet Cakes by Gwen began with handmade cakes and gourmet mini cupcake treats, called "Molyn's Minis". Since then, Velvet Cakes by Gwen has experienced tremendous growth. The boutique bakery now serves Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Metro D.C. and the Northern Virginia areas. VCBG has been featured in Munaluchi Bridal Magazine, received 1st place B.A.K.E. Sweet Summer Tastiest Treat in 2019, crafted vegan + gluten-free options and has built local brand partnerships.


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