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Monique Outerbridge


Monique is a gourmet baker, with a boutique-style approach when creating her decadent baked goods and specialty wedding cakes. With years of experience and experimentation in the kitchen, Monique knows that it takes the right combination of love + ingredients to take a cake to the next level. She goes the extra mile by sourcing only the best quality ingredients for all of her creations and prefers sourcing locally as much as possible. Monique has seen the dietary needs of her clients change. This inspired her to create vegan and gluten-free dessert options for her customers that are a hit! The amount of love that she puts into these seemingly small details is what wows her customers and has them coming back for more! 

When Monique is not baking, she works full-time as an IT Professional in the finance industry. She has been featured in Munaluchi Bride Digital Blog & K.I.S.H. Magazine. Monique is the author of, "Stuck in a Bottle: No More Residue" & the recipient of the 2022 NSBWEP Spirit Award. Monique has also been impactful in the entrepreneurial space. She is a founding member of both the National Society of Black Wedding & Event Professionals and the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, Monique enjoys spending time with her family & friends, checking out the latest restaurants and she loves to travel!

Fun Fact: She's a twin & loves a good Old Fashioned!


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